A one-of-a-kind pendant consisting of an antique ornate comb with floral motif engraving on both sides and a pair of beautifully carved peacocks on the two ends of the comb.

This is similar to what ancient royalty would use to actually comb their hair. Set in 925 Sterling Silver.

Oil with perfume can be put inside this comb by opening screw at the top center.

This perfumed oil slowly coming from teeth of comb will nurture the roots of hair well.

This comb might not be practically a perfect comb in today's world as we have better and easy options but can be a unique amulet with a historical invention around your neck.

Silver combs we considered to provide peace of mind and relaxing the mind.

Shop, Shine, Smile and Enjoy :)

Measurements Are:
1.Pendants: -
Height: 35 mm
Total Height: 48 mm
Width: 64 mm
Thickness: 7 mm
Weight: 43
Hook Type: rings
Any other Details: vintage recreated

2. Dholki Chain :-

Weight: 37Gr.

Vintage Silver Comb pendent necklace with Dholki chain