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Vintage from before 2000



Material: Silver



Pendant height: 105 Millimetres; Pendant width: 54 Millimetres


Chunky peacock Rajasthani tribal pendant is all time favourite. This bold pendant have beautiful artistic pair of peacocks at the central piece.

At the top center of the pendant is a dancing peacock which denotes happiness and joy. There are cluster of bells all around the pendant, giving the bold pendant, more traditional Rajasthani folk look.

The peacock Rajasthani amulet can be worn around the neck or can be hung down in a long chain( giving a modern look).

We can also customise this amulet with silver chain or beaded strand of silver or semiprecious stones on request.

Necklaces worn near the heart are believed to control emotions and strengthen one’s love.

Wearing a necklace of stones is believed to bind ourselves with their eternal powers. Since ancient times, necklaces, pendants, strings of beads and elaborate ornamental collars were worn by women to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye.

The necklace is also believed as a protective ornament against hypnotizing as such attempts are successfully undermined. So, this neck ornament not only adds an exquisite look to a women’s beauty, but also acts as a potent restraint against effects of evil charms on virtuous maidens.

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Measurements Are:
Pendants: -
Height: 55 mm
Total Height: 105 mm
Width: 54 mm
Thickness: 22 mm
Weight: 75 grams
Hook Type: two rings

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Vintage Big Rajasthani Tribal Peacock Pendant