Here We Have a 1940's Vintage Victorian Era Flowery and Leaf Pattern Ring

An Artist of Victorian Era Beautifully Crafted this Ring in Square Shape in Flowery Pattern with Ruby, Emerald And Uncut American Diamond 

Some Fact About Ruby And Emerald:

People believed emeralds could confer riches, power, and eloquence if worn as talismans. Purportedly, these gems also strengthened memory and sharpened wits. Its most valuable power was perhaps bestowing the ability to predict future events.

In past eras, Arab, Hindu, and Spanish physicians used emeralds against poison, infection, and dysentery. Many people believed the gemstone could also protect against possession by demons.

A Stone for Success

With such a long and varied history, no wonder the ruby has acquired such a mystique. We all want our things to be the very best. Of course, ruby owners have a vested interest in their possessions, but the ruby has the reputation and beauty to back such claims. So, if you want a gem to increase your wealth, impress your rivals, and protect yourself from harm, the legends point to ruby.

Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are: 
Size: 08 (US Scale)
Weight: 17 gr.

Square Top of Ring: 
Length: 27 mm
Breadth: 27 mm

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Uncut American Diamond, Ruby And Emerald Victorian Ring