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Material : Silver


This is a light weight bunch of four bracelets/bangles with intricate designs. The design of these Rajasthani bangles consist of combination of small and big balls with a central plain line.

These are light in weight and can be worn either four in one hand or two on each hand. It can be also clubbed with other bigger or similar bangles to give a bold look.

In Ancient days men used to go and work in farms and forests which involves lot of muscle work , while women used to do all the household work.

Though house hold involves lot of work but when compared to men’s work it’s kind of small. By sitting at home and not doing much physcial work, there is a chance of blood pressure getting increased, which results in developing impatience.

Normally the wrist portion is in constant activation on any human. Also the pulse beat in this portion is mostly checked for all sorts of ailments.

The Bangles used by women are normally in the wrist part of ones hand and its constant friction increases the blood circulation level.

Further more the electricity passing out through outer skin is again reverted to one’s own body because of the ring shaped bangles, which has no ends to pass the energy outside but to send it back to the body.

Inorder to put this in control, or in a way we can say to avoid such impatience problem from occuring, women were asked to wear bangles and some other ornaments waist belt, anklets, armlets. 

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Measurements Are: 
Bangles : -
Recipient : females
Material - Grade: 925 sterling silver
Primary color:silver
Style: traditional
Occasion: casual
Thickness of Bracelet: 4 mm
Weight: 11 grams each
Weight of set of four: 43 grams
Diameter: 57 mm/ 2'4

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Traditional Fashion from Rural Rajasthan - Set of 4