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Material : Silver


These pair of chunky bangles are replica of vintage Rajasthani design worn by every married women over long period of time.

Traditionally they we made much bigger and much more heavier. We have used hollow balls to keep it light but they are in substantial thickness.

To make the designs more artistic, we delicately put a small ball on each big ball.

It can be worn alone as it's quite big at its own or can be put on both the sides of a bunch of other bracelets.

One on each hand give you a simply smart look.
In India and according to the traditions and customs, Wearing bangles is a must for a married women.

In some communities there is a belief that golden bangles should not be worn alone, so they are teamed with some glass bangles which symbolizes the well-being of her husband and kids.

In Some communities women are so superstitious that when changing the bangles they don’t remove all the bangles making their arms completely bare.

They keep atleast one bangle to the arm until they wore another set of bangles. They believe empty arm brings bad luck.

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Measurements Are: 
Bangles : -
Recipient : Girls / Women
Material - Grade: 925 sterling silver
Primary color: silver
Style: boho
Occasion: casual
Thickness of Bracelet: 5.5 mm
Height of Bracelet: 10 mm
Weight: 43 grams each
Weight of a pair: 86 grams
Diameter: 64 mm / 2'8

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Traditional Big Rajasthani Bracelets - Set of Two Bangle