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Material: Silver



Length: 101 Millimetres; Width: 45 Millimetres


This South Indian earrings is a try to combine North Indian design with that of South india. The upper part is a traditional Rajasthani, north Indian design, consist of peacock and flowers, is kept in its original form.

The lower hangings are inspired by South Indian design, made by repousse technique, in floral patterns.

Central hanging is kept slightly longer, by putting an additional plain silver ball with wire, to make it more unique.

All hangings are ending with a bunch of bells, to give it an Indian touch, of course a well finish off too.
The top is in drop shape with leafy patterns all around.

Closure is kepts simple by a pushing, which hold well in ears. The wire is according to western standards.

This is a unique combination of North India and South India, well denotes the lovely message, " unity in diversity". And also show how well we Indian enhance each other, by our unique features.

This pair of earrings can be worn alone without a matching necklace. This is perfect go for any of your uniquely designed apprels for a special occasion.
So take a deep breath, look at the piece, and add this piece to your "Silver Collection".

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Measurements Are:
EarRing : -

Length: 80 mm
Total Length: 101 mm
Width: 45 mm
Thickness of EarRing: 6 mm
Weight: 66 gram
Strand: 3
Closure Type: Push Back


Amentumta Type: drop shaped floral design with bells
Amentumta Height: 58 mm and 38 mm

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Teardrop Shaped Silver Push Back Earring