Wearing Silver ring in your finger can do wonders in your life, know how?

1. Silver according to Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, silver is related to the planet Jupiter and Moon and it balances the water and Kapha in our bodies. If Shastras are to be taken into consideration, it is believed that silver brings abundance and luck for the bearer. It brings in a lot of beauty and happiness in your life.

2. For reaping the benefits of Jupiter and Moon

As per the Vedic Astrological science to reap the full benefits from planet Jupiter and Moon, silver is the most effective metal. It also flushes out all the toxins from your body and has major health benefits.

3. Positive Reflections in Life

Using Silver at home in different areas of life - decoration, kitchen or wearing it as an accessory ushers in a lot of positivity in your life. It also acts as a calming drought in case you are panic-stricken or have response issues. This said let's throw some light on wearing a silver ring in your finger which has been kept in a water bowl for healing and energy clearing.

4.Treating the silver ring in water overnight

In three simple steps, get a silver ring of your choice from the market or buy online, choose a Thursday and keep the ring in water overnight for energy clearance. You can either place the ring in your worship space and perform a pooja or you can meditate with the ring and mold the metal to help serve you the way you want to.

Dip the ring in sandalwood for the finality of clearing it of all prior energies and truly make it your own and then wear it on the little or pinkie finger of your right hand. As you wear it, consciously notice your intentions working wonders on it.

5.Positive Aspects

among the list of the positives of wearing a silver ring, the foremost is it really increases your beauty and enhances your personality as it is connected with the planet Jupiter and the Moon. It calms down your anger and cools down your mind.

If your moon is weak it effects the mental status of a person and weakens it. A silver ring has immense power to strengthen the moon - it helps treat your cough, cold, arthritis and all your joint related problems.

Measurements and Details :-

Weight - 28 gr
Ring Size - 12 us

Solid Silver 3d Ganesha Ring