Here We Have A Aum Rudraksha/ Om Rudraksha Pendant 
( Aum Is a Supreme Sound And Word In Hindu Mythology)

Om is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at 
the beginning and end of yoga sessions. 
Coming from Hinduism and Yoga, the mantra is considered to 
have high spiritual and creative power but despite this, 
it is a mantra that can be recited by anyone. 
It’s both a sound and a symbol rich in meaning and 
depth and when pronounced correctly it is actually AUM.

Why do we chant it?

Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating 
– nothing is really standing still! The sound Om, when chanted, 
vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, 
which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature.

As such AUM is the basic sound of the universe; 
so by chanting it we are symbolically and physically 
tuning in to that sound and acknowledging our connection to 
all other living beings, nature and the universe.

Amazing benefits of Rudraksha:-

Rudraksha beads are actually the seeds of a plant named 
Elaeocarpus ganitrus. Since age old times, 
Hindus have been wearing Rudraksha beads in their bodies. 
Rudraksha can protect your body against the negative energies 
used by someone against you. Due to jealousy and hatred, 
wicked people make use of evil spells to cause troubles to others. 
The benefits of wearing Rudraksha can help the person 
protect himself from such negative energies.

Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are: 
Height: 63MM (2.48")
Width: 22MM (0.8")
Height Of OM: 48MM (1.88") 
Weight: 7.8gr.

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Rudraksh Om Silver Pendant