Here We Have a 1940's Vintage Victorian Era Flowery and Leaf Pattern Ring

An Artist of Victorian Era Beautifully Crafted this Ring in Flowery And Leaf Pattern with Ruby, Emerald And Uncut American Diamond 

Some Fact About Ruby And Emerald:

Hindus believe that those offering emeralds to the god Krishna will be rewarded. Since “givers are high in Heaven,” they will receive “Knowledge of the Soul and the Eternal.” The gods richly reward such generous giving. Hindu teachings also associate emerald with the planet Mercury, such as in the traditional “nine-gem” Navaratna jewel setting.

Western traditions connect emeralds more frequently with the planet Venus. Perhaps the story from Greek and Roman mythology of Venus emerging from the sea makes a difference here. For followers of Western astrology, the “green” color of emerald may make a better match with the goddess’s namesake planet.

A Stone of Kings

Many cultures have long considered ruby a stone of kings. Not surprisingly, ruby symbolism and lore have many associations with power, wealth, and their protection. Possessing a ruby purportedly benefited and protected the owner’s estates and assisted in the accumulation of wealth. Notably, this gem would help its owner acquire more gems.

Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are: 
Size: 08 (US Scale)
Weight: 15 gr.

Length: 32 mm
Breadth: 27 mm

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Ruby, Emerald & Uncut American Diamond Ring, Victorian Era, Flower Leaf