Rajasthani Kadia Bracelet 

Here we have a most traditional Rajasthani design of hand bracelet.

The design of this bracelet is inspired by the solid anckle bracelet which almost every rural Rajasthani women were.

The original anklet was made with solid silver which weighed almost 1-2 kilogrammes for a pair.

But we tried to make it as light as 57 grams, a little modern.

We also make the closing and opening system quite practical n easy.

It comes with push n pull simple lock.

It a unisexual bracelet and best fit for medium size wrist.

Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are:
Diameter: 58 MM X 56 MM
Width: 18 MM
Weight: 57 Gr.

This Bracelet's ships registered priority and with tracking! :-)

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Rajasthani Tribal Traditional Kadia Bracelet