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Material : Silver


This set of Rajasthani plain silver bangles/bracelets with bunch of bells is a traditional design.

It consists of six bunch of bells put at equal distance all around the plain bangle.

It can be worn one or two on each and as well as a all can be worn in one hand, can also be clubbed with your other bangles/bracelets.

In the southern part of India, there is a ceremony called ‘baby shower’ where women are gifted bangles to wear. But this normal looking ceremony has deeper scientific meaning.

According to scientific study, at the seventh month of pregnancy, the brain cells of baby start activating and the baby starts to learn and recognize sounds.

And a tinkling sound of bangles provides acoustic stimuli for the baby. This is a time where exposure to classical music and soothing sounds will affect the child’s disposition later in life.

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Measurements Are: 
Bangles : -
Material - Grade: 925 sterling silver
Primary color: silver
Style: boho
Occasion: casual
Thickness of Bracelet: 2 mm
Weight: 15.2 grams approx
Weight of set of four: 61 grams
Diameter: 67 mm/ 2'10
Any other Details: bracelets have three bells hanging at equal distance ( six bunch of bells)

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Rajasthani Tribal Traditional Bangle bracelets with bells - Set of 4