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Material: Silver


This set of thin elegant sleek bracelets/bangles are made in an ancient design of Rajasthan.

It is from North India which are too intricately designed, with simplicity. It is set of 10 pcs. The design is made by using stamping technique.

The bangles can be worn in one or both hands in any number. They can be clubbed with your other bangles/bracelets too.

It is believed that sound of bangles created due to friction in the hands of a person wearing them helps to keep unwanted negative energy away from the house of wearer.

Silver bangles were found to absorb the goodness and purity from the atmosphere and the elements prevailing in the natural environs around and radiate them on to the wearer.

The sound caused due to the jostling of bangles with each other also found to be soothing and gentle on the environs and the sound echoed the serenity of the surroundings onto the wearer, back.

Also, silver bangles repulsed the bad vibes in the surroundings and protected the body of the wearer from evil agents in the atmosphere.

Marak (Destroyer) waves are created by the sound of the bangles worn in larger numbers by a newly married woman. With the help of these waves, the newly married woman is protected from the evil eye and attacks of negative energies.

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Measurements Are: 
Bangles : -
Material - Grade: 925 sterling silver
Primary color:silver
Style: boho
Occasion: casual
Thickness of Bracelet: 2 mm
Weight: 5.2 grams each
Weight of set of 10 : 52 grams
Diameter: 67 mm / 2'10

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Light weight Traditional Bangles Bracelets From North India