Enhance Your Beauty and Enjoy the Benefits of Earrings :-

An ear piercing, a practice of making holes in the edges of the lobes of the ears, allows a girl or a boy to wear earrings. Actually, it is a painful practice. As everything in the world gets developed, ear piercing has evolved with different forms. Most of the girls in the world are beauty-conscious these days. During this modern era, the fashion of piercing has bloomed with a lot of designs and styles. When you Buy Silver Earring, you can discover it. Not only women, but even men are also interested to wear ear piercing. In ancient times, it was believed that ear piercing can increase the power of the brain. Let’s find out some more benefits of earrings.

Female Vitality

The body left side is connected with the vitality of the reproductive organs of women. Wearing a piercing in the left ear can promote the overall body vitality.

For Better Eyesight

The ear center is connected with the vision in the eye. According to the therapy of acupuncture, the pressure points can stimulate good vision.


The center part of the ear connects the level of immunity in our body. It supports handling health issues like irregular menstruation. Moreover;

They can improve your self-expression.

They can be used to express as a cultural tradition.

They can increase the self-confidence of those who wear.

You may use earrings to improve your appearance.

You can wear earrings to show your style.

Measurements and Details

Weight - 19 gr
Length - 25 mm
Width - 20 mm
Total Length - 45 mm with hook

Green Onyx, zircon and ruby latch back earring