In western culture, bracelets are worn in leg merely for the purpose of adoring lower body with jewellery. It was not until the 20th century that silver anklets became popular in the west. But, women have been wearing anklets in India for generations. Even the modern millennials buy silver payal online. The history of anklet jewellery can be traced back to the Sumerian era. The first piece of metal jewellery for the leg was found in the ruins of the earliest civilization on earth. Since the prehistoric times, leg silver jewellery was a staple for the people in the Middle East and Egypt. The metal used in the anklets symbolised the social status of the women. Females who wore gold belonged to the elite group, whereas silver represented the women from a rich family but less luxurious living standards. The women other than the affluent families bought anklets made in cheaper metals such as copper, brass, etc. In some cultures, it depicted the marital status of the women. As soon as the sound of the anklets were heard by the male members of the family, they would be alert that a married woman it arriving & they should be respectful. The dancers preferred anklets that had a lot of bells which make jiggling sounds when performing. Whether you are opting to wear an anklet to make a fashion statement or to simply please your loved ones who bought it for you, knowing the health benefits will double your enthusiasm.

Benefits Of Wearing Silver Anklets :-

1. Maintain Positive Energy in the Body Our hands and legs radiate energy throughout the lifetime. The body has an aura made from the energy you release in the environment. When your legs are rooted to the ground, an exchange of energy takes places. Wearing silver maintains a positive charge in the body, as the surface of the metal releases positive ions. It re- vibrated the lost energy back to your body. Women you work barefoot at home must anklets.

2. Reliefs Swollen feet & leg pain The constant friction between the jewellery and your leg increases the blood circulation, reducing swelling in feet. If your bones are weak the swollen feet can cause pain which travels all the way up to the buttocks. Wearing silver on regularly based controls the pain in your legs.

3. Antibacterial Properties The tingling sound of anklets is believed to eliminate negative energies from home while the antibacterial properties activate the lymph gland in the body which increases immunity against diseases,

4. Gynaecological disorders It keeps you away from a myriad of health issues such as hormonal imbalance, obesity, irregular menstrual cycles, etc. Women who are in the maternity period should wear silver leg jewellery. It can reduce the chances of suffering from excessive pain.

Measurements and Details :-

Weight - 33gr
Length - 28.5 cm
Width - 14 mm

Customization Request is Accepting by us, We Are Customized This Anklet By Size Long Or Short As per your Request

After Customize Price Will Be Change and Price Also Depends on Length, Width, and Weights (Silver Beads And Gems Beads Price)

Flower Leaf Silver Anklet