Here We Have a Beautiful Nepali Coral And Turquoise pendant

This pendant Design is a very Famous fashion in Nepal and Tibetan Tribal area 

Coral helps in overcoming various skin related problems, like boils, acne and more. 
Other than this, red coral gemstone can be worn to purify 
blood and protects the individual against the cuts, wounds and injuries. 

The malefic effects of Mars in one's horoscope can be treated with the help of red coral gemstone

Turquoise is a gemstone of well-being, 
a Master Healing stone, that helps to strengthen and heal the entire body. 
It is believed to be the energetic bridge between Heaven and Earth. 

Customized Silver Chains for pendants can also be ordered on Request 
- you can visit our chain section

Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are: 
Height: 36 mm
Height With Hook: 52 mm
Width: 34 mm
Weight: 14 gr.

This Pendant ships registered priority and with tracking! :-)

Coral And Turquoise Square Silver Pendant