Here We Have a Beautiful 1980's Vintage, Handmade and Enamel Work Silver Pill Box 

In European art history, enamel was at its most important in the Middle Ages, beginning with the Late Romans and then the Byzantine, who began to use cloisonné enamel in imitation of cloisonné inlays of precious stones. 

The Byzantine enamel style was widely adopted by the "barbarian" peoples of Migration Period northern Europe. The Byzantines then began to use cloisonné more freely to create images; this was also copied in Western Europe. 

The champlevé technique was considerably easier and very widely practiced in the Romanesque period. In Gothic art the finest work is in basse-taille and ronde-bosse techniques, but cheaper champlevé works continued to be produced in large numbers for a wider market.

Shine, Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are:
Length: 3.9 Cm
Height: 1.2 CM
Width: 2.5 CM
Weight: 27 Gr.

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Vintage Silver Jewelry box - Handmade