Here We Have a Beautiful 1980's Vintage Quartz Ring From Rajasthan India 

Ring Band is Beautifully Design with Silver Filigree and the Ring tops is Design With Silver Rawa Work

Some Facts About Quartz Crystal:-
Quartz crystal has long been the center of many spiritual beliefs and practices. The Japanese referred to quartz crystal as the “perfect jewel,” believing that it symbolized purity, perseverance and patience. 

In several indigenous cultures based in North America and Burma, quartz crystals were believed to embody living entities and were presented with food and ritual offerings.

On a cellular level, both quartz crystal and the human body are made up of silicon dioxide—a compound that attracts energy and fuels communication. 

As a result of this, there is an energetic connection between quartz crystal and the energetic makeup of the human body, making quartz crystal stone jewelry beneficial to wear. 

Shine, Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are: 
Size: 07 (US Scale)
Weight: 07 gr. 
Diameter: 15 mm
Ring Top Height: 11 mm

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1980's Vintage Quartz Stone Ring