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Vintage from the 1980s




Gemstone, Silver

Gemstone: Coral



Necklace length: 18 Inches


Sterling silver and Red Coral contemporary multi-strand necklace - handcrafted in Rajasthan India.

This lovely collar necklace is having 5 strands, threaded through amazing long sterling silver beads, combining all corals and silver beads and hold together to give a single bold looking necklace.

It's flexibility makes it set well around the neck and can be adjusted according to the size of neck, as there are adjustable link chains at the end.

All beads are 100% handmade with minute intricacy.

The necklace ends with triangular bead where all strands joined together and back is just one strand, to make it a comfortable wear.

Let’s have a look on Astrological importance and Health benefits of Red Coral

In Indian Vedic Astrology Mars is Known as Malefic Planet and if this planet is not in good position in Birth Chart, Astrologer Suggest to wear Red Coral stone to minimize the bad effects of the Mars Planet.

Even though for victories over enemies Red Coral Stone or Moonga Stone is the best gemstone to wear.

If you have many enemies and they are real obstacle in your success you should wear Red Coral because Mars is the God of warfare and it gives courage to overcome enemies.

Red Coral Strengthen the Mars planet and this ensures your victory always.

If you are a lazy person and you want to be active Red coral stone is the best for you to wear. Red color is the color of energy and Red coral Stone balance this color in your body. So after wear Red Coral Gemstone a person feels energetic and he became more Active.

Red Coral Gemstone is also helpful to cure skin diseases. It helps to control acne, boils, and skin disorders. Astrologers believe that Red coral stone purifies blood and enhance blood oxygen level.

If anyone facing unhappy married life due to Mangal Dosha in Birth Chart then only Red Coral Stone is a hope for him According to Vedic Astrology.

Professionals in Armed Forces, Police, Surgeons, Chemical Industry, Weapon Industry, Scientists and laboratory workers should wear red coral stone which is very beneficial for growth in work area.

Shop, Shine, Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are:
Weight: 85 grams
Width: 20 mm
Length: 16 inches
Total Length: 18 inches
Closure Type: Hinged Clip
Chain Type: linked chain
Adjustable Size: 2 inches
Any Other Details: real corals and 92.5% sterling silver beads.

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1980's Vintage Coral and Silver Beaded Necklace

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