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Vintage from the 1980s



Material: Silver



Bracelet length: 19 Inches; Bracelet width: 24 Millimetres


A beautiful broad Rajasthani elephant bracelet is typically from North India.

The bracelet consist of six broad square pieces of plain silver, with a running decorated elephant on each one. Each piece is joined with rings and links, gives it required flexibility.

Elephants have been depicted in mythology, symbolism and popular culture. They are both revered in religion and respected for their prowess in war.

They also have negative connotations such as being a symbol for an unnecessary burden.

Ever since the stone age, when elephants were represented by ancient petroglyphs and cave art, they have been portrayed in various forms of art, including pictures, sculptures, music, film, and even architecture.

Elephants are important in Indian mythology too. Lord Ganesha - one of the most popular Indiandeities and the Lord of Wisdom - bears anelephant head.

The elephant head symbolizesgreat intellect and wisdom. The God of Gods Indra is believed to have a white elephant named Airavata as his vehicle.

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Measurements Are:
Bracelet : -
Length: 19 cms
Width : 24 mm
Weight: 49 grams
Hook Type: push n pull clasp
Silver : stamped 80 %
Any other Details: vintage from 1980.

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1980 800 Silver Vintage Rajasthani Elephant pattern bracelet