Even without your knowledge, Lord Ganesha, who is the embodiment of Supreme Consciousness, protects you at all times by side-stepping those that are about to harm you. It is auspicious to worship Sri Ganesha with red hibiscus flowers, red roses or rose petals, garika grass, red sandalwood paste, and red akshatas or energized rice mixed with vermilion. Such worship will grant you “akhanda jnana”, boundless knowledge, and “aishwarya”, wealth, and you will be steadily free of your problems of debt. 


"Gam" The following shlokas extol the benefits of repeating Ekakshara Ganesha Mantra or the single syllable Ganesha mantra, “Gam”:

“‘Gam’ beeja ekaakshara yogenaiva vishaantakaha

  ‘Gam’ beeja shabda mantrocchaarana maatrena visham daashaya chochyata

  ‘Gam’ beeja shabda maatrochaarana nena sarva rogaan hara hara”


The moment you chant the mantra, “Gam,” all the poisonous and negative thoughts in your mind will be burnt into ashes. The moment the sound “Gam” reverberates in your body, all diseases will disappear, much in the same way as people shout “Hara Hara! Hara Hara!” to cleanse their sins. When you repeatedly chant the “Gam” bija mantra, seed syllable, all the devious plans of your enemies will cease to work against you. The “Gam” bija mantra blockades all such harmful plans. In ancient times, when sage Kashyapa asked sage Marichi about the power of the Ganesha Mantra, sage Marichi revealed many secrets about this powerful mantra.

The Ganesha Upanishad continues with the following shlokas:

“Tvam guna traya titaha

  Tvam avastha traya titaha

  Tvam deha traya titaha

  Tvam kala traya titaha”

Sri Ganesha is guna traya titaha—he is beyond the three attributes of “tamas”, dullness, “rajas”, activeness, and “sattva”, the state of harmony and purity.

Sri Ganesha is avastha traya titaha—he is beyond the three states of “jagrit”, the awake state, “svapna”, the dream state, and “sushupti”, the state of deep sleep. He is even beyond “turiya”, the state of Self Consciousness, awareness of the Self.

Lord Ganesha is deha traya titaha, beyond the three bodies—the “sthula sharira”, the gross or physical body, “sukshma sharira”, the subtle or astral body that is guided by “antakarana” or the inner conscience, and “karana sharira”, the causal body which veils the innermost Self.

Lord Ganesha is kala traya titaha, beyond the three time periods of “bhuta kala”, the past, “vartamana kala”, the present, and “bhavishyat kala”, the future.

The Ganesha Upanishad continues:

“Tvam muladhare sthitosi nityam”

Sri Ganesha resides in the muladhara chakra and guides the flow of kundalini shakti which is in a coiled state in the muladhara chakra.

“Tvam sakti trayatmakaha”

Sri Ganesha is beyond the three powers of “iccha Shakti”, the power of will, “jnana shakti”, power of knowledge, and “kriya Shakti”, the power of action.

“Tvam yogino dhyayanti nityam”

Sri Ganesha is being constantly meditated upon with utmost devotion by nija yogis, those who are truly in constant bliss or those who are in constant union with Brahman, Supreme Consciousness.

“Tvam Brahmastvam Vishnustvam Rudrastvam Indrastvam Agnistvam

  Vayustvam Suryastvam Chandramastvam Brahma Bhur Bhuvas Suvar Om”

O Lord Ganesha! You are Brahma the Creator! You are Vishnu the sustainer! You are Maha Rudra, the One who presides over the dissolution of the individual into the Supreme! You are air, fire, the sun, and the moon! You are everything including Brahma Loka, the abode of Lord Brahma, Bhu Loka, the Earth, Bhuvar Loka, the astral plane, and Suvar Loka, the abode of celestial Gods!


Measurements :- 
Weight - 28gr
Length - 59mm 
Width -47mm
Height - 8mm

1970's Vintage and Handmade Lord Vinayaka Ganesha 925 Sterling Silver Pendant