a 1970's Vintage Nepali Traditional Stone Ring

This Beautiful Silver Ring Created in 1970, its Traditional tribal Fashion in Nepal, Bhutan And Tibet.

Why people Wearing Stone Jewelry from Ancient Time Here is some fact About Turquoise, Coral and Lapis Lazuli

Wearing a turquoise Jewelry stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra, making communication and the articulation of your thoughts much easier to come about. It helps to release old beliefs and vows, so that you can express yourself more freely, calming your nerves while speaking in public.

Due to this gemstone’s heavenly energy, Turquoise stones not only provide protection from negative energies but also bring the energy of the purity of natural elements especially water and air.

coral enhances the physical strength of a human, it also increases the sexual desire and may be very useful for unhappy or dull sex life. Hence, many astrologers suggest the inactive partner in a married couple wear Red Coral which increases the strength and desire for love.

Red Coral gemstone is also believed to have powers to protect from evil eye or black magic. It is hence, used by many occult providers to remove the effects of black magic or evil eye from the natives.

There are few medicinal properties of the red coral gem. It is very helpful in preventing the diseases related to blood. It can control high blood pressure. It is also considered good for diseases of blood vessels, heart and blood cells

Shine, Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are:
Weight - 13 gr
Ring size - 8 us
Length - 47 mm
Width - 22 mm

1970's Coral and Turquoise Nepali Ethnic Silver Ring