Here we have a vintage silver box in enamel work. This spherical box is made in enamel work by putting many colours together in floral pattern to make it a master piece at its own.


The enamel art is one of the most traditional art which is now towards its extinction in this modern world. The enamel colours are permanent in nature and can be gently be washed and cleaned with water.


This is a vintage piece of unique shape which looks stunning on your dressing table. This piece can be a lovely gift for yourself and your loved ones


Shine, Smile and Enjoy:)


Measurements are:

Max Diameter: 33 mm

Total Height: 38 mM

Height Without Lid With Stand: 26 MM

Weight: 27 Gr.


This Box ships registered priority and with tracking! :-)

1960-70 Vintage Aunda Silver Pill Box