Here We Have a 1950's Vintage Afghanistan Carnelian Silver Ring

Here is Some Beliefs About Carnelian Stone 

Carnelian has been used since ancient times for its healing properties. 
It was believed to give its wearer courage in battle, often seen along with other 
Agates on the breastplates of armor. It was also used to help timid speakers become bold. 

In ancient Egypt, Egyptians wore carnelian jewelry on their bodies as a source of constant 
renewal and vitality. They also buried their loved ones with Carnelian jewelry and gemstones 
as it was thought to protect their loved ones on their journey to the afterlife and to calm 
their fears about rebirth.

This is a 1950's Vintage Afghani Ring I Don't Know its Accurate Purity 

Smile and Enjoy:)

Measurements are: 
Size: 8 (US Scale)
Weight: 26 gr.

This Ring ships registered priority and with tracking! :-)

1950 Vintage Afghani Carnelian Ring