In the ancient times, the exterior form of Tripura Bhairavi was homa, the vedic sacrificial fire. This form of worship can be transformed into a subtle, inner form of worship through the offering of all the thoughts and emotions to the inner spiritual fire of the logos from Muladhara Chakra.

This practically means the absorption of the mind from the senses, process that is resembling to the so-called sublimation of the sounds, from their physical form, as words to the “light of the transcendent tranquillity”, the non-manifested divine logos, situated at the level of Muladhara Chakra.

In this way, the yogi who is perseverant and walks continuously the path of spiritual becoming will rejoice in receiving the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Bhairavi’s grace. He receives significant beneficial spiritual powers as well as the state of enlightenment and ultimate freedom.

Measurements :-
Total Weight - 43 Gram
Pendant Weight - 22 Gram
Chain Weight - 21 Gram

Pendant :-
Length - 70 mm
Width - 52 mm
With hook - 80 mm

Chain :-
length - 22 inch
Thickness - 2mm

Chain comes with screw opening

1950's Goddess Mahakali Bhairavi 925 Sterling Silver Repousse Work Necklace