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This Coin Release by Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II During British Ruled india in 1790-1820

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Some Fact and Information About this Coin:

Legend in Persian: Sikka zad bar haft kishwar saya fazl Ilah Hami ud-din Muhammad Shah Alam, Badshah (AH)1202
Lettering: ١٢٠٢
Translation: Defender of the religion of Muhammad, Shah Alam Emperor Shadow of the divine favour, put his stamp on the seven climes, 1202

Legend in Persian: Zarb Murshidabad sanat 19 julus maimanat manus
Lettering: ١٩
Translation: Struck at Murshidabad in the 19th year of his reign of tranquil prosperity 

In 1790 new presses based on a screw thread were introduced replacing the old hand hammered method of production. This issue is from the second rupee production after the new technology arrived after production difficulties related to dies and blank manufacture were overcome. 

The new presses permitted the entire design of the coin to appear, earlier rupees showed only varied, roughly central, portions of the die. The dates on this coin, 1202 19 san, both were frozen and do not relate to the date that the coin was produced. 

This was done as local money changers used to make a charge, called batta, on old coins when new dates appeared. The coins are referred to as perpetual 19 san sicca. 

Use of the hijri date, 1202, was discontinued after this coin issue but the 19 san remained until 1834. The use of the mint name Murshidabad was also frozen on all EIC mints in the Bengal Presidency at this time.

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Measurements are:
Height: 38 MM
DiaMeter: 27 MM
Weight: 14 Gr.

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1790 - 1820 Shah Alam II Coin Pendant