A little About Us

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Since 1972, JBNM Silver and Handicrafts has been a renowned Jewelry and Handicrafts Store. We take great pride in upholding a standard of excellence by featuring only jewelry and Handicrafts of the finest craftsmanship, avantgarde styles, and classic shapes.

Welcome to JBN Management Silver and Handicrafts

We specializing in old ethnic jewelry pieces, collectible antique/vintage pieces and handcrafted 'traditional tribal' art that we making in our shop from last 46 years and collecting vintage items through peoples from various city's and countries 

We have been operating in Rajasthan for many years, but only in September 2018 did we finally make the decision to move our gallery online.

We added our 'Silver Creations'; exclusive jewelry pieces, that have all been lovingly handcrafted using old ideas, tribal designs / artifacts, contemporary art and traditional jewelry making techniques.

We hope that by 'coming in' you able to escape for a while and enjoy being taken to far off places, Rajasthan where cultural identity and social status, were often expressed through the adornment of unique jewelry, beads and other handcrafted items.

We look forward to sharing this magical journey with you. 


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